News 5 January 2018
Author: Marisa Lee

Vlogger Jake Paul caught saying the n-word in leaked clip

Author Marisa Lee
5 January 2018

Only 5 days into 2018 and now, not one, but TWO Paul brothers have managed to offend people.

Not long after Logan Paul insensitively walked through Japan’s notorious suicide forest and filmed a hanging victim, unsurprisingly offending and p*ssing off a lot of people, little brother Jake Paul has now messed up.

Apparently having tracks with Gucci Mane and Rae Sremmurd makes white people think they can say the n-word. TMZ has leaked footage of Jake spitting bars with his mates at Coachella last year, in which he can be seen casually dropping the n-word while rapping over Rae Sremmud’s “Throw Some Mo”beat. He raps, “I whip it like my n***a Richie Vetter, he make the pu**y so wet it gets wetter” and also refers to his “little ass n***as”.

People close to the pair of course claim that Jake isn’t racist but the clip does show the casual manner in which he drops the word thinking it’s acceptable.

Watch the cringe-worthy footage here.