News 6 February 2021

Jamaica is experiencing a marijuana shortage

6 February 2021

Jamaica is currently experiencing a marijuana shortage due to extreme weather such as hurricanes, severe drought and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last year’s hurricane season left the country doused in torrential rain and the subsequent drought led to farmers losing out on making thousands of pounds.

Jamaica was severely impacted by rainfall in 2020, with flooding and landslides severely impacting the island in October and November of last year.

On top of the weather destroying their crops, a 6pm covid curfew disallowed framers from being able to tend to their crops in the evenings.

At present there is an island wide curfew from 10pm to 5am but more stringent measures in the Manchester parish where it operates between 7pm and 5am.

Those aged over 65 must also self-isolate at home.

Triston Thompson, a member of Tacaya, a cannabis consulting and brokerage firm said: “It’s a cultural embarrassment. Last year was the worst year. We’ve never had this amount of loss. It’s something so laughable that cannabis is short in Jamaica.”

Cannabis was decriminalised in Jamaica in 2015.

Those caught with two ounces of cannabis or less would be punished by a fine instead of being arrested and subsequently receiving a criminal record.

Jamaican nationals are also allowed to cultivate five plans and those following the Rastafarian religion are allowed to smoke for religious purposes.

In other news, Cannabis was recently hailed as a possible cure for superbugs like MRSA, Gonorrhoea and more.

A cannabis farm was also found recently next to the Bank of England.