News 6 January 2019
Author: Courtney W

Jammer Hints At Possible Lord of the Mics 8 Clashes

6 January 2019

With Lord of the Mics returning this year, Jammer has been getting Twitter excited by suggesting possible clashes to expect on its eighth series.

The conversation was sparked on Twitter by Funky Dee who Tweeted possible match-ups he’d like to see on LOTM8. Among them were Merky Ace Vs So Large, Logan Vs Manga and many more.

Funky Dee’s list got the timeline talking with MCs and grime fans declaring their ideal clashes for the upcoming Lord of the Mics series.

Naturally, Jammer caught wind of the discussion and stated he’d like to see a clash between Yizzy and Ceejay before mentioning other artists he’d like to see appearances from on LOTM8.

The LOTM founder also outlined his plans to use the upcoming LOTM to give new grime artists a chance to showcase their talents.

“I really want this LOTM to be about the new stars”, he wrote.

“I would like all the bigger mc’s that have been on LOTM before to help push them and show love!!! This is how everyone will win”.

While we wait for more news on LOTM8, let us know who you’d like to see feature and clash when it returns later this year.