News 18 August 2015
Author: Elle SM

Watch Plastician, Jammz, The Mediks, Sam Binga and Chimpo go back to back

Author Elle SM
18 August 2015

Watch Plastician, Jammz, The Mediks, Sam Binga and Chimpo go back to back to take on challenges in their cities with new videos

Desperados have challenged 3 teams of creative mavericks to take on challenges in their cities.

The creative teams from Bristol, London and Manchester have been set the tasks to bravely overcome perceived limitations and conventions and get their cities (and eventually the whole of the UK) to sit up and take notice.

During the extent of the competition each team will face multiple challenges to prove they’re the most able to complete these and take over their city!
Each team was challenged to make their mark with a music video that represents them and will make waves online, using limited funds in ingenious ways.

As well as creating the video the teams where challenged to take distribution into their own hands and get it seen as widely as possible!


The classic Plastician beat combined with cheeky bars from Grime MC Jammz give a real East Ender’s take on the city streets. The comedic video shows the hustle and bustle of central London in this teams hack.

Download Plastician’s “London Living” feat. Jammz here.


The Mediks hack Bristol with an upbeat production, complimented by extreme pyrotechnics, a full band, city runners and spraycans. They went all out on this one!

Download Mediks’s “Original Selecta” here.


Manchester’s Sam Binga and Chimpo link up for their team’s city hack; switching it up with a cinematic plot and production, bringing the fighting talk with their fierce Manny attitude.

Download Sam Binga & Chimpo’s “No Messin” here.

Keep an eye out for more challenges as the 3 teams continue to go head to head to take on their city.

Find out more about the challenges