Videos 20 October 2016
Author: Abby

Jay Prince releases humbling new track “Father, Father”

Author Abby
20 October 2016

Jay Prince has blessed us with the most beautifully stripped back and uplifting track, “Father, Father”. 

Taken from his forthcoming mixtape Smile Good, “Father, Father” is an open letter to God, in which Prince asks, “Father, father, help me Lord. Why did the devil just knock on my door? Why do these n*ggas keep tripping, every time I have a vision they be closing the door?”.

Backed by the catchiest chopped up choir vocals and a UK hip hop beat co-produced by Scribz, Prince opens up about issues that others might be afraid to broach, but which make him all the more relatable for being real.

At the same time as talking about having little money and reaching out for guidance from God, Prince keeps the energy upbeat and provides inspiration for everyone else that needs that positive mentality, maintaining that giving your heart and your all is what’s important.

Have a listen to the track in full above, and if you can’t wait for Smile Good to drop (21st October), check out Prince’s amazing 90’s hip hop inspired EP BeFor Our Time.