Videos 6 November 2020

Jay Prince Drops 3-Track EP ‘Sol, Vol. 2’

6 November 2020

Although evenings have been getting darker and colder, east London rapper Jay Prince makes it feel as if summer is still here on his brand-new EP Sol, Vol. 2 which follows on from volume 1 which was released in October.

“Link Up”, “Nobody’s Business”, and “Patience” are the three new tracks on the EP, and each one demonstrates Jay’s signature laid-back sound which fans know and love. It’s clear that Jay’s life experiences have shaped who he is as an artist today and the rawness comes through on all each of the singles.

The EP has is infused with a soulful, funky and uplifting sound as Jay’s mesmerising vocals and smooth flow takes centre stage.
Jay has been hard at work honing his craft over the years and Sol, Vol. 2 is a solid example of that.

Take in the EP below!