News 3 July 2017
Author: Rebecca Rose

Jay Z & Beyonce reveal their twins’ names amid Kanye leaving Tidal

3 July 2017

Jay Z has been dominating the headlines for the past week with the release of his first album in four years, 4:44, but the rapper and wife Beyonce are back in the press today for slightly different reasons.

Following the birth of their twins around a month ago, the names Rumi Carter and Sir Carter have been registered to be trademarked in the US by the couple, as they did with first born Blue Ivy. This is leading everyone to believe these are the names of the couple’s newborns, despite the fact they haven’t even publicly announced their birth as of yet. The pair will undoubtedly surprise us all with confirmation of the names and photos of the twins in due course, as announcements to the press doesn’t seem to be their style

More Jay-Z related news has emerged last night as it has been claimed Kanye West is leaving Tidal, suing the company for $3 million in the process. A rift between Jay and Kanye has been looming for a long time, ever since the latter made a 20 minute rant about his “big brother” at his Life Of Pablo show in California back in November.

However it seems the lyrics sending for Ye in Hov’s new album has really sent him over the edge. With bars like
“’Fuck wrong with everybody?’ is what you sayin’/ But if everybody’s crazy, you’re the one that’s insane”, supposedly aimed at West, we’re not surprised it’s come to this.

Hopefully egos can be put aside and the pair can go back to making more iconic music together some time soon. For now though, check out 4:44 by Jay Z right here on GRM Daily.