News 27 October 2016

Has Jay Z made a huge offer for Prince’s unreleased music?

27 October 2016

When Jay-Z rapped “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business MAN” on the “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” remix in 2005 he was not joking.

Not content with having Tidal, Roc Nation, Roc Nation Sports and the 40/40 Club under his umbrella, the 46-year-old has made a $40million bid to acquired the rights for Prince unreleased music.

According to reports, Jay-Z flew Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson to New York to discuss the multi-million dollars deal. However for everything to be agreed, Jay-Z wound need more than Nelson’s approval.

Even though Nelson is Prince’s only full sibling, the late singer does have half siblings that would also need to sign the deal.

Before his sudden death in April, Prince had warm words for the Tidal movement. He said, “Tidal is a new company, it’s brand new.

“They are sinking money into it and they need it and my heart is always on because I want them (Beyoncé and Jay Z) to do well.

“They have taken a lot of abuse, a historic amount between the two of ‘em and when we win on this, none of us’ll gloat.

“Jay-Z is not the gloating type anyway, he’s slick with his. He says to brush the dirt off your shoulder. Y’all just need to stop. Just calm down! Everybody calm down! There ya go.”

Currently Tidal is the only streaming service Prince’s music is available on.