Music Videos 8 July 2015
Author: Caroline SM

Jaystar ft. Camper Caine – “Jasmine”

Author Caroline SM
8 July 2015

A 90’s baby, music has always been one of the most important things in Jaystar’s life, starting at the age of 7 when he was taught to play piano by his mother.

Growing up in London with a single mother was a real struggle, and with his first language being French, singing in English was quite challenging for him at the start but he managed to overcome a lot of issues he had come across.

Producing is something Jaystar enjoyed doing but he later discovered his singing and songwriting talent at the age of 15 whilst participating in a school competition he had won with the first song he had ever produced and written called ‘Need You Back’.

Fast forward and Jaystar has begun cultivating a global buzz in France and Africa, even supporting T Pain in the Ivory Coast.

This week Jaystar reveals a new video for “Jasmine” featuring Camper Caine.