News 10 May 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Someone prank called Jeremy Corbyn pretending to be Stormzy

Author Trudy Barry
10 May 2017

A prankster was able to trick Jeremy Corbyn into thinking he was Stormzy on the phone.

The prank was pulled by comedy troupe Don’t Panic, who are behind the BBC Three show The Revolution Will Be Televised.

Heydon Prowse was the guy doing the slyly dodge Stormzy impression on the call, suggesting that Corbyn change his name to “Jez Jez” and tell former PM Tony Blair to “shut up”. Prowse even suggests that the pair should make a parody video together in aid of Corbyn’s bid for Prime Minister, to which Corbz replies “Ok… what would it take to make this video?”

Stormzy has publically backed the Labour leader in the past so it’s understandable why he fell for the prank, though it is pretty cringe hearing him thank a fake for his support.

A representative for the Labour party released the following statement after the call, “Jeremy realised this was a wind-up and ended the call. Jeremy is grateful for Stormzy’s support and for the way he has spoken out on mental health, racism, poverty and homelessness. It’s unfortunate that Stormzy has been impersonated in this way.”

Critics are torn about the intent of the call. Harmless joke? A Corbyn smear? Or another example of mainstream media trying to make a joke out of our culture? Who knows.