News 15 March 2019

Listren To JGrrey’s Long-Awaited EP ‘Grreydaze’

15 March 2019

After her unstoppable outbreak into the industry after performing “Don’t fade” on COLORS Berlin, the nation fell in love with the introspective, sweetheart that we all know as JGrrey.

The young, neo-soul singer has released her highly-anticipated EP GrreyDaze featuring five soft, silky tracks infused with her soothing south London vocals.

Including her previously dropped singles “Pretty Insane” and “Notice”, the EP delves into different aspects of life as she speaks on topics like mental health and toxic relationships.

On speaking about her single prior to the EP, she explains she wanted to “show how freely her mind wonders” and without surprise she does just that; not only on “Pretty Insane” but throughout the whole 5-track wonder.

JGrrey is set to perform at her debut headline show situated in London’s Hackney Creative Social club on M
arch 20th.

Find yourself in a calm, pondering state by listening to her latest project below.