News 16 October 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

LOL! Ji Sung Park turned out for a university team this weekend

16 October 2016

Oh, how the might have fallen.

Well, sort of. Former Manchester United midfielder Ji Sung Park – who, it’s worth noting, won four Premier League titles and nine major honours in seven years at Old Trafford – was recently spotted playing for a university team in Leicester!

The South Korean put his boots back on for De Mont University, fully enrolling himself in student life, as he studies for a degree in sports management.

Reportedly he will be in Leicester for three months, before moving on to Milan and Switzerland to complete the degree.

Not only that, but he’s apparently also living in student accommodation while he studies. Former student Adam Redfern, a former student who now works for the uni and played in the game, told, “He played as a defensive midfielder to begin with and then he got pushed forward a little bit.

“He was fantastic on the ball and people stood off him to see what he could do. He did his thing, he stood out and it was a great performance from him.”

He continued, “Somebody I know lives above him in student accommodation and he is definitely making the most of the student experience.”