News 19 February 2021
Author: Courtney W

Have JLS Released A Brand-New Drill Track?

19 February 2021

Last night, JLS fans were surprised to see a new track arrive on the group’s Spotify page but they were in for a bigger shock upon clicking play.

As well as being on big streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube music, the song – titled “Time” – was released alongside artwork which features JLS at the bottom so fans weren’t wrong to think JLS had made a comeback.

However, “Time” is a raw drill track which led many to question whether or not JLS decided to switch things up or if a mistake had been made – and it looks like it’s the latter.

The audio you can hear when you click play on “Time” is in fact Switch and J9’s “Look”, which is a cruddy drill drop and was released on Pressplay earlier this month.

We’re not quite sure how the track became linked with JLS’ streaming accounts but somehow Switch and J9’s track was uploaded under the group’s name on Spotify and Apple Music.

JLS are said to be working on some comeback material so fans can’t be blamed too much for thinking they had made a return. But, it looks like an error has been made somewhere and JLS have not taken to the world of drill. But who knows, maybe they will when they finally do return?

Check out some of the hilarious reactions below.