Exclusives 27 November 2019

GRM Exclusive: 11 of JME’s most serious-ly iconic tweets

27 November 2019

Grime legend and a man not shy of his twitter fingers is THE JME. Following not a single soul on the social media platform, Twitter, the verified blue tick on his profile doesn’t stop him from speaking his mind or responding to agro from trolling ‘eggs’, in between supporting fellow rappers in the game.

Four years since the release of Integrity>, JME finally took to Youtube to release a series of live dates and signings throughout November and December in celebration of his long-awaited new album Grime MC. According to HMV’s Twitter page, where the majority of signings are due to take place across the country, the album is expected to be released on the 29th November.

As fast on the mic as he is on the keyboard, it seems JME’s 2019 new years resolution was to give up tweeting. His last tweet blessed the network on the 31st December 2018 but in honour of his new release, we can’t forget some of the iconic tweets he has produced to the world. JME, this is a call, Twitter needs you back.

1. What is better than a rapper that can crack jokes?

2. Not one to shy away from the fact he is a heavy gamer, he shows off in true style.

3. That time JME let the world know he browses the site – obviously iconic.

4. 2015 JME Twitter was elite.  

5. Always ahead of the game, Instagram recently started trailing the hidden feature of likes, JME’s call to ‘number free internet’ was last year. But never question him, you will just be reminded of how great he was pre social media.  

6. When on a date with a man from Ladbroke Grove, don’t say JME didn’t tell you so.

7. Can a tweet get more British? ICONIC.  

8. When you catch yourself in the mirror on a good day. 

9. JME was always delivering his creative observations, after all JME don’t smoke no cigarettes JME don’t smoke no trees JME gets dark like silhouettes.  

10. The brain this man has, has now messed with everyone else’s. 

11. The whole world has got it wrong JME, not just iTunes. 


When the clock strikes 12 for New Years Day 2020, Twitter expects you JME.