News 19 July 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

Jme is the Robin Hood of Pokemon Go

Author Marisa Lee
19 July 2016

Man of the people Jme has been involved with Pokémon Go since it’s announcement, and has now transferred his generous Robin Hood tendencies over to players of the game. Last year he was giving away vinyl copies of his album, Integrity > to fans in exchange for shiny Charizard cards, and now, with the game’s release, he’s setting up Lures to help you merk the game.

In Pokémon Go, ‘Lures’ are a special item which attract Pokémon to a Pokestop. JME copped a bunch of them, and tweeted a secret location.

GRM Daily

He dropped the Lures on Monday after server issues on Sunday, and then it was time to catch ’em all. He even dropped the map location to help fans on their quest.

Thank you JME!

If you missed yesterday’s Lures, this afternoon the BBK MC started again in a new location.