News 8 January 2015
Author: Alex Griffin

JME’s Tweets Of The Week [002]

8 January 2015

It’s a new week and a new year in fact – after discussing everything from the Spice Girls to dodgy internet history last week, we’re back again with #JMEsTweetsOfTheWeek. Griff has spent yet more hours on Twitter, preeing Sir Adenuga’s feed, to bring you the best tidbits he has to offer. From philosophy to comedy to advice, JME provides it all; check in here to see the best bits, all in one place.

Even Jamie doesn’t know it all. Not yet, anyway.

BBK are style icons. Unfortunately, the levels of style on Call Of Duty are just not up to standards.

Last week he was on his postman ting. Now he’s inventing ways to innovate the industry.

To be fair, he’s come along way. Jamie reckons Ed has got legendary status.

*Prayer hands emoji”

To be honest, I would pay literally any money to play a Super Adenuga Brothers game. Imagine Mario and Luigi, but with JME and Skepta…

Nothing phases Jamie anymore. Serious.

Hahaha – it appears the postman scenario went down a whole different route.

In case you forgot.

Even at his current god-level, JME still gets inspired by the common man.

Hire Jamie as a debt collector now!

Being stopped by the feds (albeit a nice fed), seems to be a recurring theme for JME.

Something we can all relate to.

Cue imagery of JME making it rain in the stationary aisle.

So there you go – another round up of the best 140-character knowledge darts that Boy Better Know’s super-vegan has to offer. See you again next week.

Words: Alex Griffin