News 20 January 2015
Author: Alex Griffin

The good, hilarious & SERIOUS. JME’s Tweets Of The Week [003]

20 January 2015

They say that the third time is a charm. If our first installment, with JME remixing The Spice Girls, or our second attempt’s opportunity to hire JME as a debt collector didn’t whet your appetite for knowledge from the serious god, then peep our third go down below. Check in and check out #JMEsTweetsOfTheWeek – it might just be your lucky day.

Allow Adkins – the Adenuga diet coming soon.

He must know we do this, leaving us cliff hangers and everything!

Everyone has got a mate who’s bit of a roadman. Unfortunately, most of ours are not JME.

Not too sure what to say about this…

When these two decide to release, flames.

A1 since day 1.

Just about everyone who doesn’t live under a rock has watched this interview now, including Jamie. If you haven’t seen it watch this.

Whaquan, Jamie.

He already shared his thoughts on you ‘new year, new me’ lot. Where are you now?

With the misfits they’ve got in this year, a lot of people have been low-key watching it. Don’t feel guilty.

When it comes to throwback gaming, Jamie’s the man.


He’s right you know. Don’t play yourself this valentines.

That’s it for our third collection of #JMEsTweetsOfTheWeek. Enough serious food for thought until next week?

Words: Alex Griffin