Videos 14 November 2020

Jobaa drops new single “Bad Boy”

14 November 2020

The rising star of London Afropop, Jobaa, has just released his latest track “Bad Boy (Yoruba Demon)” in conjunction with Just Jo Jo Entertainment.

“Bad Boy” hits like sunshine in a bottle, fusing the energy and vibrancy of Nigeria with the basslines & production style of UK Dancehall. This track is the first release from Jobaa since he dropped “Olla” in the early hours of 2020.

“Olla” went on to garner over half a million streams within the first month of its release, as well as the respect of numerous outlets like BBC 1xtra & Apple Music.

Speaking on the genesis of “Bad Boy” Jobba stated, “I was in the studio focusing on the girl that I was texting more than the music I was making. That’s when my boy called me a ‘Yoruba Demon and a bad boy’ which was hilarious, that’s when we came up with the concept for the chorus”.

Check out “Bad Boy” by Jobaa above!