News 7 November 2020

US Election: Joe Biden has won the US election & will become America’s 46th President

7 November 2020

After a tense and anxious few days, America has spoken and their chosen president is Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Biden will become the nation’s oldest ever president when he takes office in 2020 at 78 years old. 

This win for Biden proves that second time is the charm as the politician previously tried his hand at winning a presidential campaign in 2008. 

The former senator was re-elected in his constituency six times between 1973 and 2009 and later served as Vice President of the United States for the entirety of Barack Obama’s eight-year run.

This election has been a monumental one which has been shaped by white supremacy, the COVID-19 pandemic, women’s rights and racism. 

Tense scenes outside of polling stations showed standoffs between Pro-Lifers, white supremacy groups, Pro-Choice activists, anti-racism activists, LGBT activists and Black Lives Matter protesters. 

Trump is of course unhappy with his loss and continues to spew rhetoric that questions the authenticity of the result.