News 11 January 2019
Author: Aaron M

US rapper Joe Blow collaborates with J Styles, Stardom & more on ‘Bridge The Gap’ album

11 January 2019

US rapper Joe Blow has called up some of the UK’s best rappers to feature on his Bridge The Gap album, celebrating his connections with London, Birmingham and other cities.

The Bay Area artist has been paying homage to the UK scene for a number of years, as shown by his previous collaborations with the likes of K Koke, Joe Black and Tunde.

London representatives on the album include Ice City (Fatz and J Styles), Joe Black, Ard Adz and Stoner. The second city of Birmingham has contributions from Grinch, Malik MD7, RM and Stardom. Furthermore, the Oakland legend does not neglect the rest of the UK, linking up with Sheffield’s Deep Green for “Six Feet”. 

Overall, the project is a unique collection of collaborations between UK/US artists, guaranteed to be popular with fanbases across the world. 

As an example, J Style’s wave is complimented by Livewire Records’ J. Stalin on ”Do It 4 the Mob”, intertwining wordplay and deep lyricism within the upbeat instrumental. The Ice City-Bay Area relationship is one to be watched in the future, considering the striking similarity in style.

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