News 29 February 2020

The lyrics to Joe Budden’s track “Pump it Up” are about masturbating

29 February 2020

In a shocking revelation, Just Blaze has revealed some hilarious trivia about Joe Budden’s 2003 hit “Pump It Up”.

The massive track which took Joe Budden to international stardom was produced by Just Blaze and the lyrics detail an array of themes from partying to girls but Just Blaze confirmed in an interview that the original version of the track was much different.

Just Blaze says that “Pump It Up” was originally about masturbation – instead of rapping about partying and girls, Joe Budden was in fact dropping bars pumping himself up.

Just Blaze said, “You know the original version of ‘Pump It Up’ was about masturbation? You know how in the second verse he’s like, ‘My jump off doesn’t care if I go out so much.’ It originally was, ‘My hand doesn’t worry if I go out so much.”

This has also been confirmed by Royce Da 59 in 2013 who tweeted, “This niggas @JoeBudden just told me that “Pump it up” was originally written about Jerking off. The jump off was his hand.”

Take in the track below.

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