News 9 January 2021

Children’s cartoon about a man with a giant penis sparks debate

9 January 2021

The Danish equivalent of the BBC has created a new children’s television series about a man with a giant penis that he is unable to control.

The series called John Dillermand is about a man who uses his extendable and prehensile penis to help others. It also narrates his misfortune as he gets himself into trouble due to his manhood.

John is seen breaking his friend’s expensive vase with his penis, stealing ice cream using his genitals and using it as a shield to protect children from a lion at a zoo.

In the first episode, John uses his penis to cook at a barbeque and then uses it as a lead to walk some dogs as he goes into town to buy sausages.

The show is aimed at children aged between 4 and 8 years old and has been positively received according to the network.

Critics have of course critiqued the show due to its adult nature and the running theme of a man being unable to control his penis.

The Me Too movement in particular have weighed in about the potentially harmful impact that the coded messaging in this television may have on children.

Critics have said that the show normalises rape culture and “panders to paedophiles.”

Morten Skov Hansen, head of DR’s children’s department which airs the show said, “We always welcome debate about our content but it’s important to try and not view the program from an adult’s perspective.”

“The show is created for children and is preoccupied with the same things they are. I don’t agree with the few critics who consider John Dillermand to be sexualized, it’s as desexualized as it can possibly get.”

There are currently 13 episodes of the series and the first episode received 250,000 views in its first five days of release.