News 14 August 2015
Author: Caroline SM

Join Vice News with a BCE apprenticeship now!

Author Caroline SM
14 August 2015
Are you looking for an incredible opportunity to start a career in news and media? Look no further! BCE are offering some amazing apprenticeships with VICE News.

Since VICE News’ launch in March 2014, it’s become the fastest-growing news channel on YouTube- reaching over 190 million video views to date and creating hundreds of hours worth of compelling and original content from around the world… And now they’re looking for people like you to join their team of highly experienced journalists and film makers!

The right candidate will be excited about VICE and the work they do, be able to show a keen interest in news & current affairs and, of course, want to get into the media industry. To apply for these roles, VICE want to see you display your talent, skill and passion for news and media.

So whether or not your A-level results were good or bad, if you think you’ve got what it takes, contact 0208 498 3300 or for full details ASAP!

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