News 8 December 2019
Author: Jack Lynch

JON. drops new EP ‘The Mutual Heartache?’

8 December 2019

JON. has returned with his latest instalment of fresh new music and upon his new drop, he’s come with a smooth new EP entitled The Mutual Heartache? 

With four tunes being listed, we hear a more mature JON. as he dips into a slightly mellower sound with more heartfelt lyrics and an overall new side to JON. that may not have been seen on his previous releases.

The project opens with the smooth track “Work” as we hear JON. converse with a mystery person who he consistently references in his rhymes. With a solid narrative, it grips you from the start. 

Track two comes in nicely as “Winter Blue” featuring Arianna Reid is another mellow account as we gain another element from the flawless Ariana with her vocals adding a delicate sound to add to the context of the tune.

With the four tunes all merging together nicely, JON. seems to have provided a well-rounded project full of honesty and emotion.

You can check out The Mutual Heartache? on the streaming platforms below.