News 27 August 2021

Jords Launches New Social Enterprise With Free School Uniform Initiative

27 August 2021

Croydon rapper Jords has accompanied the launch of his new social enterprise with a free school uniform initiative in partnership with with Universal Music’s UK Task Force for Meaningful Change.

Titled Pickni Uniforms, the social enterprise has been established by Jords and close friend Jamahl Rowl with the aim of making uniforms more accessible for low-income families, after a recent study revealed one in five parents have suffered financial hardship as a result of purchasing uniforms.

The Free School Uniform (FSU) initiative will provide hundreds of secondary school children eligible for free school meals in the Croydon borough with a free school blazer.

Pickni Uniforms have also teamed up with QPR community test to launch a school uniform recycling scheme which encourages parents and carers to donate old uniform items to be recycled or re-homed in a bid to reduce landfill waste.

Speaking on the project, Jords says, “As the well-known saying goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, and we should be working to ease the pressure that parents and carers feel. It’s my honour to be able to help out in any way possible”.

Afryea Henry-Fontaine, Fay Hoyte and Jade Richardson, co-chairs of the UK Task Force for Meaningful Change, added: “We know how passionate Jords is about making real change.

“The Task Force has been inspired by his drive and sense of duty, so it was important for us to support him and this indisputably essential project.”

The FSU initiative is set to launch this September and more information can be found right here.