Exclusives Interviews 18 August 2023
Author: Aaron Adade

Jordy Discusses ‘The Love Ting’, Being on Pusha T’s UK Tour, Filthy Fellas & More

18 August 2023

In recent years Jordy has really made a name for himself on the UK scene. After quitting his job two years ago, he now splits his time between his solo music career, Filthy Fellas, and Vibbar. There are very few rappers in the UK that carry the same lyrical venom as he does. This has led to notable artists such as Wretch 32, Ghetts, and US star Russ giving him a stamp of approval. 

As his new EP The Love Ting has just dropped. Jordy joined us here on GRM DAILY to dig into what is his most vulnerable, and unique project to date.

Who inspired you musically growing up?

“Music wise I got inspiration from mainly a lot of artists my cousin’s listened to. So, I was definitely listening to a lot of Garage music, and So Solid Crew, because they were banging it out on the system. 

“Then when I started watching MTV Base what caught my eye was Ludacris “Rollout”. It was the video first because you don’t understand the words as a kid, but eventually, as I got older I found myself drawn to Ludacris. He had charisma, and a sense of humor, but he could really bar too. 

Then Into my teenage years, it became Grime with people like Ghetts, Kano, and Chipmunk.”

What does The Love Ting EP title mean to you, how did you come up with that?

“I called it that because that’s how we speak in our world. When I explained to the mandem that I wanted to make a project about love, I kept saying I want to speak on a love ting. I kept saying it like that because it sounds a lot less corny. Talking about love is a bit cringy to me sometimes, so I guess the love ting was my way of making it sound cool. That’s not me trying to say that to the fans, that’s me saying it for myself personally. That’s how I speak about love, I say the love ting. 

“It’s just my terminology and I thought if I packaged it like that it’s like some kind of ghetto encyclopedia on what this crazy thing called love is.”

So, what was the process of creating The Love Ting EP like?

“It was organic. I fell into it because I had some songs already speaking on relationships, girls, and love. I didn’t know I wanted to create a project around it, but I know last year I had a lot of fun rapping. After dropping “KMT”, I dropped If I Couldn’t Rap, I Wouldn’t Rap. I had a Mad About Bars, and I had a Hardest Bars. So I was really Rap heavy last year.

“So, I thought you know what, let me change the language of my pen, let me challenge my pen, let me focus on one lane, and see what I can pull from myself, and this is what I got.

“When I spoke to the mandem we all take each other’s ideas on board, and we weighed up the pros and cons. But all in all, it sounded like a good idea, so we just tried a little experimental ting init.”

Would you say this project is you stepping outside of your comfort zone then?

“Definitely so. I’ve never done a project tailored to one thing I’ve never spoken so openly about this whole love stuff. I’ve never been this vulnerable in my music too. So, it was challenging for sure. Just chatting about love is different because how many times do you really do it a day?”

What do you hope people who listen to ‘This Love Ting’ will take from it?

“I just want them to give it a listen to first of all. Then I don’t know man just take a look in the mirror. One thing that no one seems to speak about is that the one thing every single person has in common is this love ting. Everyone has or had a significant other they’ve lost or found or are trying to get back or can’t get back or cheated on or got cheated on. So, everyone has their own little story.

“Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying we should all go to parties and just randomly start talking about love. It’s just something we don’t hear enough init. I wanted to explore the option of making a number two on this and getting your Fredo’s, and your Headie’s, and then they can touch on topics as well.” 

It’s been announced that you’re going to be performing on Pusha T’s UK Tour, how did this come about? 

“Honestly, it was all my booking agent. He said to me that there was an opportunity for this to happen, but I paid it no mind at first because these things don’t really happen to me. 

“The opportunity always comes to light and is always spoken about, but I never get the pick. He got me a ticket to go watch Pusha T, and I was gassed, but then I had to not go ’cause I booked to go to Barcelona. I was so mad I was going to go to Barca. Then he goes to me are you free this day and I said naa I’m going to be in Barca, he said ah never mind, I said why? He said we may have an opportunity for you to open for Pusha T I said what! Brother I’ll cancel Barca what are you talking about man! Then the next thing you know he sent me a flyer with my name on it, and it was announced.” 

You’ve been acknowledged as one of the best on the UK scene by American artists such as Russ in the past. So, if you could have 3 US rappers to collab with right now who would you pick?

“That’s an impossible question man. I don’t know where I wanna go with it. Like do I want to rap, rap with these man, do I wanna get a song off? Off the top of my head, Drake, Kendrick, and Jay-Z. Jay-Z’s my favourite rapper of all time, I’ve listened to Drake like every day since I was in year 9, and I’m a big fan of Kendrick’s art. I didn’t love his last album, but I love most of his work. 

“They all rap but have different styles of rap. They’ve all peeled off into their own different lanes of rap, but I like it all and would try it all.”

Another big part of you is Filthy Fellas which is an amazing show that all the mandem from ends watch religiously. What do you like most about the show?

“What I like most about the show is that right or wrong the mandem watch. Because we’re not trying to be flipping Roy Keane and them man and do up analyst, it’s just barbershop talk. That’s why we feel like we’re like most people’s bredrin’s because we’re just friends at the end of the day. Everyone knows what that conversation is because you have the same thing. Everyone raises their voices, one man gets angry, and it turns into a cussing match. It doesn’t feel like work, that’s why I love it.” 

So, what is your favourite type of Filthy Fella episode to do?

“I think it’s either the drafts or the one where we get distracted from the topic for the whole episode. None of us like doing the list episodes, because we all leave upset all the time.” 

There’s something you and Specs like to do a lot called ‘Do you know ball challenge’. So, I wanted to end with this question to see if you know ball – “I’m a skillful winger with a bag of tricks. I’ve played in Portugal, Spain, Italy, England, and Turkey. Many would say I didn’t fulfill my potential. Who am I?”

“Portugal, Spain, England? Oh, that’s Quaresma.” 

Ay first guess, you know ball Jordy! Fair enough that was quick.

“Do you know what’s funny I fired that off the hip too, when I said it in my head I screamed no! I want my answer back, but yeah Quaresma.”

Take in Jordy’s new EP The Love Ting below.