Videos 16 November 2016
Author: Abby

Jorja Smith drops vibesy new track “Something In The Way”

Author Abby
16 November 2016

Jorja Smith has released the first track from her debut EP Project 11, entitled “Something In The Way”. 

Opening with orchestral vocals before plunging into a jazz fuelled neo-soul vibe, the new track explores the pains of unrequited love and having to let go.

“No holding on and no looking back / Even the sun doesn’t seem to last / It don’t hold on, it’s not coming back”, Smith sings effortlessly, in a heart-achingly soulful voice.

For those who don’t know, Walsall native Smith was nominated for best song at the MOBOs last year with her single “Blue Lights”, which subsequently gained her a slot as a support act on Nao’s UK tour. Having also received praise from Drizzy for “Where Did I Go?”, the 19 year old singer-songwriter is already receiving amazing recognition for her work.

“I sang classical at school so I always like putting elements—like Prince always has classical elements—so, with this song, you don’t really know what to expect with all these operatic sounds,” Smith told Annie Mac, “And then it goes into a bit of attitude. I’m giving a bit of attitude on this song.”

The full EP Project 11 will be released on Friday so keep a look out!