News 15 October 2021

Listen To Joy Crookes’ Long-Awaited Debut Album ‘Skin’

15 October 2021

South London singer-songwriter Joy Crookes has finally blessed us with her hugely-anticipated debut album!

Titled Skin, this 13-tracker from Joy Crookes explores a number of themes including love, heartbreak, activism and empowerment; resulting in a diverse but impactful body of work.

Just like the content of the album, the sounds on Skin vary and include slow-paced ballads such as the title track, “Unlearn You” and “To Lose Someone”, as well as the more upbeat offerings “Trouble” and “Kingdom”.

Skin serves as Joy’s first ever album and comes after a string of EPs and numerous singles from the singer in the past few years.

Speaking about the album in a recent interview with I-D, Joy said: “My plan always was for my first album to be honest and straight up, and not beating around the bush; strong but vulnerable at the same time, because vulnerability is a strength as well.

“I was trying to make all of those themes — of strength and confusion and frustration and vulnerability and fear — fit into one word, and I think that’s what [Skin] does.”

Be sure to take in Skin in full below.