Videos 30 September 2021
Author: Luke Forte

JS & YD Connect With A92’s Dbo & Ksav For “Drunk & Confused 2.0”

Author Luke Forte
30 September 2021

Following the duo’s dynamic Next Up? session, JS and YD waste no time linking up with A92, providing another number that’s bound to make its way into your playlist this next week!

Coasting across an x10 instrumental, the group take a surprising turn; hopping on a soothing beat, graced with a whirling set of sampled harmonies and further accompanied by a mellow sequence of percussion – bringing a vibe similar to the later half of the two’s recent Next Up? 

“Drunk & Confused 2.0” undeniably showcases the diversity of the two duos; presenting their ability to slow things down and express their true to life raps in a new-found format that is bound to take off in no time. 

Wrapping things up, the duo turn to Jxydxn to bring this one to life; filtering through a number of locations from a dark night by the Thames to a juice up in the studio with Dbo and Ksav.

Take in this cold link-up above!