News 26 March 2020
Author: Courtney W

Tekashi 6ix9ine Denied Early Prison Release Amid Coronavirus Fears

26 March 2020

A few days ago, Tekashi 6ix9ine requested that his prison sentence was cut shorter over coronavirus fears but his plea has now been denied by a judge.

As he suffers from asthma, the New York rapper – real name Daniel Hernandez – was concerned for his health because his condition puts him at more risk of contracting COVID-19.

Despite this, a judge has ordered that he will not be released from prison early or sent into home confinement.

In an order received yesterday, a New York judge wrote: “The Court is constrained to deny Mr. Hernandez’s request.

“Having canvassed potential sources of legal authority, the Court concludes that it lacks the legal authority to thus modify his sentence.”

The order also states 6ix9ine could have potentially served his time in home confinement had they known about the coronavirus tandem at the time of sentencing.

“Had the Court known that sentencing Mr. Hernandez to serve the final four months of his term in a federal prison would have exposed him to a heightened health risk, the Court would have directed that these four months be served instead in home confinement,” the order adds.

The response from the judge comes days after 6ix9ine’s lawyer called for his an early release, writing: “Given the significant risk to such individuals and the alarming contagious nature of the virus, New York City Corrections and the New York State Courts are taking steps to release inmates who are at high risk from this virus. I understand that 40-50 such inmates have either been released or will be released in response to this concern.”

6ix9ine is due to be released from prison on July 31st, having already been moved forward from from August 2nd.