News 25 June 2020

Justice For Elijah McClain: Petition Demanding Justice For Elijah’s Police Custody Death Reaches Over 2 Million Signatures

25 June 2020

A petition demanding justice for Elijah McClain who died after being detailed by police has received over 2.5 million signatures.

In August last year, 23-year-old McClain died three days after he was put in a chokehold and sedated while being detained by Colorado police.

Elijah McClain was arrested and detained after police received a 911 call of a “sketchy” man waving his arms and wearing a ski mask on August 24. It was later revealed by his family that he wore a ski mask because he had anaemia and was sensitive to the cold and tt was also revealed the man who made the 911 call told police he didn’t feel as if he was in danger.

At the time of being approached by officers, Elijah was on his way home from visiting a store to buy bottled tea for a family member.

When the responding officers approached Elijah – who was unarmed and not suspected of committing a crime – for questioning, it has been reported that a struggled ensued which resulted in the young man being pinned to the ground where he sobbed and vomited.

In body-worn footage from police, Elijah can be heard saying: “Let me go. I am an introvert, please respect my boundaries that I am speaking.” Police also threatened to call in a police dog to bite Elijah, saying: “If you keep messing around, I’m going to bring my dog out and he’s going to dog bite you.”

When paramedics arrived at the scene, they injected 500mg of ketamine into Elijah who was already unconscious at this point. Elijah suffered a cardiac arrest on his way to the hospital, before going into a coma and dying three days later.

According to the Adam’s County’s Coroner’s Office, Elijah McClain’s exact cause of death could not be determined.

The officers involved were initially placed on administrative leave but have since been reinstated to their original positions.

Now, a petition which has been signed over 2 million times, is demanding justice for Elijah.

“Sign this petition to bring justice for Elijah. Demand these officers are taken off duty, and that a more in-depth investigation is held,” the petition reads.

Make sure you click here to sign the petition so that Elijah McClain and his family can receive the justice they deserve.