News 26 June 2017

last night’s #Justiceforedson protest resulted in fires & arrests

26 June 2017

Last week we reported the unfortunate mystery surrounding the death of Edir ‘Edson’ Frederico Da Costa, who passed away after being detained by police in Woodcocks, in Newham on Thursday June 15.

The IPCC (Independent Police Complaints 
Commission) have denied any wrong doing, saying, “We’re aware of the unhelpful speculation concerning possible injuries Edson had. We hope to release further information after meeting his family…We would repeat at this stage the pathologist concluded there are no injuries to suggest severe force was used”. However many people believe this story to be untrue.

Last night, people gathered around Forest Gate Police Station to protest against what they deemed the unfair treatment which subsequently resulted in the death of Edson. 

The protest began peaceful, with a minute’s silence at 8.40pm, but soon took a turn which resulted in the arrival of riot police. When it got heated, bricks were thrown and fires broke out. The riots resulted in four police officers injured, and four arrests made for offences including arson and criminal damage in connection with the demonstration. 

Newham’s superintendent Ian Larnder attended the demonstration, stating, “I am here because l care deeply about what is going on. Police officers are all accountable to the law. They are being investigated.”

Although the disruption erupted from the protest march, Edson’s family have insisted the event was organised as a peaceful march and they did not condone the violence.