News 17 February 2022

K Koke Launches Online Health & Wellness Store ‘Koke Khemist’

17 February 2022

North-west London’s K Koke has entered the health and wellbeing market by launching a new online store dubbed Koke Khemist!

Based online, Koke Khemist sells natural organic remedies in a bid to help people cure their bodies. Among the products sold are black seed oil, sea moss & bladderwrack, chaga, oregano oil and more.

A description of Koke Khemist on the website reads: “From the streets of London, all the way to the farms around the world where we source all of our herbs, right back to the concrete jungle, we bring you Koke Khemist by K Koke. All herbs and oils are organically sourced for the healing of our communities!”

Announcing the store on Instagram, K Koke wrote: “Health is wealth so here at @kokekhemist we pride our selfs in natural organic remedies that help heal an cure the body given the times we live in with viruses diseases etc it’s now more important than ever to fuel our bodies with the stuff that helps!

For more information on Koke Khemist and to see the online store, click here.