Videos 29 May 2022

KAMILLE Offloads Powerful New Drop “Learning”

29 May 2022

The talented and multifaceted Kamille has just dropped her new single “Learning”.

A prolific singer-songwriter who has penned chart smashes for the likes of Little Mix, MIST, Mabel, Fredo, RAYE and more, Kamille has now released another solo single and the track is a raw and emotive one.

Detailing “Learning, Kamille said on Instagram, “At a time when I was at my lowest, and during an extremely sad period in my life, I did the only thing I knew to fix it – I wrote a song.

“Depression has a way of distorting our reality, and it left me feeling worthless, unattractive, suicidal, hopeless, anxious, and insecure. Even when I got through the darkest parts, it still left remnants with me.

“Since then I’ve been on a difficult journey. It’s been hard trying to rediscover who I am, especially when social media will always try its best to make me forget. But I’m learning to love myself, be myself, and trust myself again.

“I wanna say a huge thank you to @itsgoldfingers for making this song with me & always reminding to be my authentic self. You’ve been there from day 1 & I’m so grateful to you!
@grandjeanmanon thank you for blessing the song with your Queen magic. You’re all incredible.

“Lastly, thank you to every single person supporting me as an artist and encouraging me to shine my own light, and write my own story. I really hope this song heals you the way it’s healing me.”

Opening up on the track and sharing insight into her own struggles, “Learning” is a powerful release from Kamille that pushes mental health to the forefront and contributes to normalising being open about depression.

Listen to “Learning” above.