News 28 June 2016

You, the people, showed mad love as Kano’s ‘Home Sweet Home’ turned 11

28 June 2016

Yesterday was the 11th birthday of Kano’s seminal album ‘Home Sweet Home’.

The album is so important to grime that the cover artwork is actually displayed, life-size, on the walls of GRM HQ (which sits at the top of a tall tower in the heart of East London, looking over the game, if you didn’t know).

A few weeks ago, when England was still considered a relatively alright place, Kano dropped by the offices to watch the Wales game and put his own message and signature on the wall art.

GRM Daily

On it, he wrote: ‘”HSH” THAT’S WHERE I COME FROM, WHERE I GOT MY KNOWLEDGE OF THE ROAD AND THE FLOW FROM”, recalling lyrics from the title track of the album.

(Welcome to our office by the way).

GRM Daily

Still sounding fresh, 11 years on.

Given the importance of the album to us at GRM, and to Kano himself, we thought we’d ask your thoughts on what it means to you.

Thank you for your replies, they were truly brilliant. Here’s a few that we loved.
To quote a few, it’s ‘Beautifully British’, ‘way ahead of its time’, ‘grime at its finest’, and got the credit for making a few people’s childhoods.

We couldn’t agree more.

There was also an appropriate level of love shown for my personal favourite shutdown anthem, “Ps and Qs”.

The album has stood the test of time and laid the blueprint that many have followed, but few have rivalled.

And 11 years on – dam that makes me feel old – Kano is still doing it.

Words: SJRip