News 1 December 2022
Author: Oli Knight

Kanye West confesses he “likes” Hitler in interview with Alex Jones

1 December 2022

Kanye West has been making noise in the media all year, and largely for all the wrong reasons. From comments such as “slavery is a choice”, his relationship with notorious right-wing journalist Candace Owens and most recently his words about Judaism, from a political standpoint it’s become harder and harder to defend him. Unfortunately, this trend only seems to be continuing.

An interview with Kanye hosted by another infamous right-wing mouthpiece, Alex Jones, was released earlier today.

Many fans were understandably disgruntled at the mere thought of their once beloved artist speaking to Jones, but it was the quotes that have followed which are really damning. The most controversial appears to be a section in which Kanye says “well I see good things about Hitler”.

In an attempt to justify his statement, Kanye went on to say that “I love everyone…I am done with the classifications. Every human being has something of value they can bring to the table, especially Hitler”.

What will the repercussions be for Kanye? It’s unclear at this point – the man has withstood a torrent of criticism over the last couple of years, and largely succeeded in retaining the loyalty of his closet fans.

However, there is a sense that even the most seasoned Kanye fans are becoming alienated, and there’s no doubt the casual listener is bordering on being completely detached from his music.

It’s clear that in 2022 Kanye cares about much more than just being an artist, but the impact this will have on his fans, and ultimately his legacy, could be more than blemishing.

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