News 10 September 2019
Author: Jack Lynch

Kanye West’s Yeezy Housing Prototypes Have Been Taken Down

10 September 2019

Kanye West designed a bunch of dome-like concept homes in July with his team, where they appeared in Calabasas. These homes were reportedly created as a way to bust up the class system within the increasingly pricey housing market, and the houses were thought to have been spread across 300 acres of Kanye’s land.

Unfortunately, it has been reported the prototypes were in violation of building codes on account of the fact that permits were never actually acquired to put them up.

Complaints were aired by the neighbours who lived near the construction site in L.A, which spurred action from inspectors who came in to evaluate. It has also been reported that Kanye had 45 days to acquire property permits or the domes were to be torn down.

An inspector who arrived upon the site was told that the domes were impertinent and that they were part of a “production” – if true, temporary structures would make permits unnecessary. This lead to further complaints by the neighbours, which was again followed by more inspections, leading to the inspections finding that the domes were built upon a concrete foundation, which caused them to be skeptical of the impermanent claim.

At the time, it was reported that Ye’s team was standing by the fact that they were temporary prototypes, while also assuring the bureaucratic powers that be they were still set to be eventually removed.

But, after fast forwarding to Monday, it looks like the time eventually arrived, with TMZ reporting that the domes appear to have been destroyed.

The deadline imposed upon Kanye and Co. was September 15, and TMZ have also stated that all but a single prototype had been wiped from the face of the earth with a week to spare.