News 28 June 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Uhoh… It looks like Kanye West is getting sued (again)

28 June 2016

After releasing the official video to his Rihanna featuring single “Famous” on the weekend, Kanye West has landed himself in hot water yet again.

The video had a mixed response to say the least, with it’s bizarre focus on naked waxwork celebrities. He challenged anybody who had an issue with it to sue him and, well, it looks like they’re going to.

“I think there is a pretty good libel case — it gives the impression they have consented, and that would reflect very badly on the minds of most people…that you are the kind of person who consents to having your nude body shown to sell a record,” Bert Fields, a celebrity legal expert, told BuzzFeed News. “That, I think, would result in some pretty big damages from a jury.”

The visual included celebrities that all have some sort of relation to Kanye, including his wifey Kim Kardashian’s ex Ray J. He’s not too happy about the video, with his manager going on record to say, “If they didn’t show Ray J’s dick in Kim Kardashian’s mouth, tell Kanye to go back and re-shoot that shit.”

Yikes. Chris Brown, who also appeared, took a lighter approach however, and simply moaned about the fact his waxwork has a “plumbers bum”. Taylor Swift, longtime frienemy of Ye, is also apparently very upset with the video. It seems like it’s only  a matter of time until the court cases start rolling in…

Watch the controversial “Famous” video right here if you haven’t already.