News 8 October 2016
Author: Sam

Kanye refuses to let diamond snatchers get him down with new Yeezys

Author Sam
8 October 2016

Kanye West may have told the world that diamonds are forever, but he’s certainly not letting them play on his mind that long.

Less than a week after Kim K was brutally robbed of millions of pounds worth of jewellery, Kanye’s back on his culturally iconic, fashionista flex with new Yeezy colourways in the mix.

The new creps are coming in a range of colours, including unconventional khakis and greens. Yeezy himself loves a bit of khaki – check the main pic if you don’t believe me – but this will feel distinctive to the sneaker heads, for whom these hues are a rarity. This is Kanye being Kanye with innovative artistic choices that have already got people talking.

Adidas initially took to the twittersphere  to announce the new colourways…

And then, a bit like Yeezy himself when given some Hennessy, a microphone and an audience, the twitter fingers mandem went mad.

Some in a positive way…

And some in a not-so positive way…

The new Yeezys are set to drop October 15th.

On a slightly unrelated note, check this sneaker-lovin’, Air Force One themed anthem from back in the day, when Yeezy was still repping the other side.