News 17 November 2020

Research Finds Interest In Women Named Karen On Dating Apps Has Dropped

17 November 2020

Finding a match on dating apps has just got that extra bit harder for women named Karen.

According to research conducted by the dating app named Wingman, it has been statistically proven that matches for women named Karen dropped more than 20% in 2020, in comparison to research found from last year.

Not only that, but replies to messages sent by women named Karen have also dropped by a staggering 33%.

Wingman’s CEO and founder, Tina Wilson, has said that she isn’t shocked by the findings, saying: “The trends we observe with online dating usually reflect what’s going on in the real world.”

The name Karen has widely been associated with a popular term to describe white women who display racist or prejudice behaviour, which has become more relevant within social media in 2020 than in past years.

Interestingly, women who share the name but of a variant spelling, such as Caren, Karin or Carin, don’t endure a similar experience on the dating app.