News 31 March 2019

Boxer Kash Ali bites David Price during a match in Liverpool

31 March 2019

Kash Ali has been disqualified for biting his competitor David Price during a heavyweight match.

During their fight in Liverpool, Kash bit David Price in the stomach leaving behind visible teeth marks and it has also been alleged that the boxer bit David at least twice.

The fight’s referee, Mark Lyson, pulled Kash Ali off of David Price and disqualified him immediately.

You can watch the full fight below.

As a result of the bite, Kash Ali will now have to face the British Boxing Board of Control and is likely to have his boxing license suspended as well as be forced to pay a £20,000 fine.

Robert Smith, a secretary for the British Boxing Board of Control who was present at the match released a statement to the press on the bite. He said, “It’s disgusting, abhorrent what Ali did, and there is no place for this in boxing. It’s totally unacceptable.”

After the match, David Price had this to say about his competitor, “I don’t want to share a ring with an animal like that again”.

Kash Ali spoke about the controversial bite during a post-match interview and apologised for his actions. He said, “There’s no excuses for it. I think just the build-up to the fight – it’s my first time boxing on a big stage. I was so pumped up, I just wanted to fight. The street mentality just kicked in, it was stupid. As mad as it sounds, when I ended up on top of him, boxing went out the window. I just thought, this is a fight now. It was out of order and I apologise to him.”
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