News 2 January 2017
Author: Benji

Katie Hopkins says she supports racial profiling & retweets Neo-Nazi account

Author Benji
2 January 2017

Katie Hopkins has confirmed once again why she has devil tendencies.

The controversial TV personality publicly endorsed a tweet from a neo-nazi account with the Twitter handle “AntiJuden”, whilst also supporting racial profiling.

The account, which has swastikas in its profile picture, tweeted out a link of Hopkins’s earlier interview comments on LBC radio, stating, “Racial profiling is a good thing, call me racist. I don’t care… it has lost all meaning.”

The neo-nazi account replied to her comments, saying, “now that is the way it should be told”, to which Hopkins retweeted the message.

This followed her dismissal of rumours that she’d be entering Celebrity Big Brother 2017, in which the 41-year-old tweeted, “Go into no star CBB …when a 5 star President is about to take control of the White House? I don’t think so my little furry friends.”

I mean, when the only thing going for you is rumours of a CBB appearance, you must be pretty washed up anyway. Sort it out Hopkins.