Videos 31 January 2020
Author: Priya Faith

Watch Katie Hopkins Hilariously Get Pranked By YouTuber

Author Priya Faith
31 January 2020

YouTube prankster Josh Pieters has pulled off the ultimate prank as he had Katie Hopkins travel miles to collect a completely fake award.

As Katie’s Twitter account was finally suspended for violating its anti-hate policy, Josh took the opportunity to share the clip.

According to Josh, he had her fly to Prague for the “ceremony” as they played on her massively entitled ego. As she was presented with the award, the words “Campaign to Unity the Nation Trophy” beamed behind her as the capital letters enlarged.

Giving her speech, Katie told the audience “It’s strange to hear nice things being said about yourself” before sharing her extremely racist views as she was spurred on by fake laughs and cheers.

Be sure to check out the video in full above.