News 20 November 2020

‘#HoodDocumentary”s Kayode Ewumi Teases New Mockumentary

20 November 2020

Kayode Ewumi, the star of the popular #HoodDocumentary series, has teased a brand-new mockumentary.

The actor and writer took to Twitter to hint at the new piece of content today (November 20), writing:  Good morning. A new Mockumentary has been birthed […] Coming soon.”

In 2015, Ewumi rose to fame following the success of his online series #HoodDocumentary – a mockumentary following the life of the hilarious character R.S. (Roll Safe) which resulted in several memes (such as the image above). As well as starring as R.S. in the series, Ewumi also co-created and co-wrote #HoodDocumentary alongside Tyrell Williams.

Since then, Ewumi has continued to enjoy much success in the TV world, starring in shows such as Action Team and two seasons of Enterprice which he also wrote.

While details of Ewumi’s forthcoming mockumentary are limited at the moment, we’re sure it’ll be another popular project from the creative if #HoodDocumentary is anything to go by.