News 14 September 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Kid Cudi goes IN on Drake & Kanye West in long rant

14 September 2016

Kid Cudi may have fallen off in recent years, but make no mistake in the fact that he’s an innovator and a pioneer of today’s US rap landscape. Today though, something has p*ssed him off…

In a series of tweets this afternoon, the multi-talented musician and actor began his rant on the industry, claiming he’s “got so many haters within” and is about to “crush their existence”.

He also let fly a couple of vague warning shots, saying, “The fake ones won’t last much longer.”

However, a handful of tweets from the rant seem to be a little more specific. Cudi initially tweeted:

Before later adding:

Sheesh. He directly named Drake and Kanye West as two people he was addressing, which raises a few questions. 

Drake and Cudi were thought to be on amicable terms, as Drizzy appeared in the official video for his 2009 single “Pursuit Of Happiness”.

Cudder and Ye’s relationship is a little more rocky, but it’s still surprising to see the Cleveland-born rapper go off so publically like this.

He was once signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music label as a flagship artist and was massively responsible for his polarising album 808’s & Heartbreaks.

They eventually went their seperate ways, albeit on good terms, although things were tested when Kanye included an old Cudi collab on his Yeezus album without the latter’s permission.

No matter what it means for all their relationships, we can be sure to expect some fire music in the coming few weeks…