Videos 19 April 2021
Author: Vince

Kieron Boothe & Alma De La Selva bring us the visuals for “Sunday to Sunday”

19 April 2021

Kieron Booth and Alma De La Selva grace us with the visuals for their latest track “Sunday to Sunday”.

The rapper never fails to impress when it comes to executing the visuals for his art, and “Sunday to Sunday” is no exception.

This hustlers anthem is all about the grind, working hard and keeping the funds in order. 

The video gives off real mobster movie vibes. The moody and slightly spooky way it has been shot sits perfectly with the rise and fall of the various elements of the track.

In particular, the horn and woodwind elements of the beat give the track its ominous feel. Some of the group shots in this video would not look out of place in a fashion edit and they give the video a real sophisticated edge. 

Kieron Boothe continues to consistently deliver music and accompanying visuals, exploring his creativity more with each release. 

Watch the “Sunday to Sunday” video above.