News 3 October 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Kim Kardashian was robbed at gun point for MILLIONS in Paris

3 October 2016

One thing about being the most famous woman in the world, as well as one of the most wealthy, is that everybody knows exactly what you’re worth.

Kim Kardashian was involved in a terrifying incident in Paris last night by people trying to take advantage of this, as she was robbed at gun point.

The robbers were disguised as police men and made away with £5.2 million worth of jewelry. There was at least two assailants, but police are looking for five.

It all happened in a luxury residence Kim was staying in, as the gunmen tied her up and left her in the bathroom, before escaping with the stolen goods.

Reports say Kim has now left France aboard a private jet, while her husband Kanye West cut his show short in New York, telling the crowd he had a “family emergency.”

All this happens just one week after Kim Kardashian was ran up on by a prankster, who kissed her bum as she was walking through a crowd.