News 18 July 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

Kim K exposes Taylor Swift’s lies about Kanye’s notorious “Famous” lyric

Author Marisa Lee
18 July 2016

After The Life of Pablo was released, Taylor Swift was publicly appalled with some of Kanye’s lyrics on his song “Famous”, the video for which he also put her in. The lyrics read,

“For all my Southside niggas that know me best
I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex
Why? I made that bitch famous”

Since the speculation began, Kim has consistently defended Kanye, insisting that he had Taylor’s permission for the line to be used. Today the undeniable truth has finally come out – and it appears that Taylor’s been chatting sh*t.

Kim Kardashian posted several Snapchats this morning of Kanye on the phone to Taylor as he sits with Rick Rubin in the studio, presumably in the midst of recording TLOP. Kanye clearly explains the lyrics to her and she even says the bar is a “compliment”, and says it’s really nice that he let her know before he did it. Read a transcript of the Snapchats here.

In true millennial celebrity fashion, Kim then took to twitter to continue her Taylor-baiting.

do u guys follow me on snap chat? u really should 😉

Taylor then responded on Instagram, but everyone was already over it.

That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the Internet.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

The rest of Twitter, never missing out on the opportunity for a shady hashtag, was swift to bring the reaction memes, and invited us all to the #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty and the #KimExposedTaylorParty.

As if that’s not enough shade being thrown around, someone did a run-down of other celebrities’ sly Twitter involvement.