Exclusives Interviews 17 June 2024

King Promise talks favourite UK artists, his new album & more

17 June 2024

When producing a body of work with the aspirations of leaving a legacy for the ages, it’s all about finding true purpose which will then resonate with the audience.

Ghana’s man of the moment, King Promise is ready to embark on a new journey in which he challenges himself to connect on a personal level with his fans: he said, “I love music where people can find themselves and feel like we’re on a journey together.”

The feel-good energy which is needed to achieve this feat is already accustomed into King Promise. Raised in Accra, Ghana, he has transitioned from his home nation’s crowd into spreading love and his musical prowess on a global scale across each continent.

The past month has seen the afrobeats musician land in Asia and North America, tackling debut shows in Singapore, Bali, Jakarta and Canada, describing the international dates as a “beautiful experience.” His name has been engraved to his listeners worldwide and the best is still yet to come.

June 14th marked the release of the eagerly-awaited third album TRUE TO SELF. Clocking in at 12 tracks deep, the inspired body of work takes you on a journey as fun as the recording process, which was compiled between Africa, Europe and America.

We spoke to King Promise about the new album, tour life, humbling experiences and much more.

King Promise, what can you tell us about your new project?

“My album is called TRUE TO SELF. This is my third album. I make a lot of music when I’m making an album and picked 12 for the project. I had a direction for this album which is why it’s called TRUE TO SELF. I was just going back to basics and finding my true purpose which is to make a music that connects myself and the people. I love music where people can find themselves and feel like we’re on a journey together. The journey is always fun. This album was recorded in Lagos, Accra, London, and America. It’s beautiful to see how it’s all come together.”

Let’s talk about your single “Paris” – What message did you want to put out with this single?

“Good vibes, good energy! It’s just a fun record that people should have a good time with. When you hear it, you just want to get on your feet, you want to dance and feel good.”

How was the experience of going to Paris and shooting the visuals?

“It was fun making it! I’ve never shot there, so it was my first time. It was a nice experience. First, we were shooting in the rain, then it stopped, and it was cold, then dry! It was an interesting experience.”

What do you enjoy most when coming out to Europe?

“Just the vibes. The vibes are nice, I like the fashion and European style too.”

We’ve seen a selection of vibrant fits over the years from yourself. How important is fashion to yourself and how much does it play a part being an artist?

“I like to look good. Fashion is a part of me. If you watch me closely, you’ll see that. As a flag guy, it’s only right to look fly all the time! I’m actually working on a capsule right now with a brand from Ghana. I would like to venture into fashion.”

You’ve performed around the world, recently completing your Asian tour and now in Canada. What have these experiences been like?

“Asia was a madness. It’s far away from home but everyone was singing along to the music. Very different cultures, but we connect through music. It was a beautiful and humbling experience. With Canada, it was my first time performing as well. I’m just thankful we get to do this and take it to the rest of the world.”

What is that feeling like? Coming from Ghana and being able to connect with fans from around the world?

“It’s beautiful! It’s a blessing. I don’t take it for granted. I’m an ambassador of my people to the rest of the world. It’s a responsibility I take with all pride. I’m humbled to be in this position. I love what I do, and I believe I was born for this.”

Your success begun in Ghana. You’ve just received six nominations for the Ghana Music Awards. Can you sum up what it feels like to be nominated six times?

“It’s always nice to feel that your hard work is being appreciated by the people. I’m honoured and thankful. Things like this just keep me going. We keep working and going harder!”

What is your musical process when writing a song?

“I don’t over-calculate my music. I don’t like stuff like that! I like when the music comes together naturally. If I have an idea before I go to the studio then I will build on it, but most of the time I just go to the studio and we cook from the start.”

It’s approaching two years since your last project 5 Star, when do you know it’s the right time to drop a body of work?

“It’s really about how I feel. If I feel like I’m there, then we go. I’m always ready to drop music! When I drop this album, I could drop again this year. There’s no limit. It’s about planning, how far we’re trying to take it and if it’s the right time to shoot.”

Staying on 5 Star, you had the likes of Headie One and WSTRN feature on the album. What are your thoughts on the UK industry and are there any other artists you want to collaborate with in the future?

“I love the UK scene. I’m in the UK a lot and at this point, I practically live between London and Accra! I love these artists. Headie is my boy. I love WSTRN. I’ve always loved there music so when the chance came to collaborate it was a beautiful one. I like Stormzy, that’s my guy! I would look forward to working with Central Cee and Dave. Jorja Smith is sick too.”

What are the summer plans for King Promise?

“We’re doing festivals all across the summer. We’re pushing the album in different cities around the world and bringing the music closer to the people. We’ll be dropping videos and collaborations too. It’s looking like a beautiful summer!”

Where would you say has been your most memorable experience performing to your fans?

“Every place has a different vibe. When I landed in Asia, Singapore was mind-blowing! Bali was even way bigger. Jakarta was a whole different vibe as well. Even with Toronto, It’s crazy. For me, the most important thing is making sure my fans are happy and that I’m having the time of my life on stage, and I always do that!”

Finally, what advice do you have for those who are trying to be successful within music?

“Work hard. If you love something and have a passion for it, give it your all. Don’t cut corners and leave the rest to God. Work superhard!”

King Promise’s third studio album TRUE TO SELF is out now on all digital streaming platforms.