Exclusives 5 May 2022

GRM Exclusive: 9 Essential Knucks Tracks

5 May 2022

As May 6th approaches, Knucks is gearing up for the highly anticipated drop of his forthcoming project Alpha Place. An artist who has clear potential to take over the UK scene for the foreseeable future, he has consistently given us releases packed with storytelling, concise wordplay, and punchlines for days.

Whilst his lyrical content holds weight, let’s not forget Knucks also has the ability to produce too! A collection of his hardest tracks stem from the Kilburn talent stepping behind the buttons and bringing his sound to life. Established veterans in the game including Wretch 32, have already given him his flowers. So, as we all eagerly wait this Friday, we bring to you 9 of Knucks most essential tracks which have brought him to where he is now.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s”

A track which introduced many to Knucks, “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” was a breakthrough single that complimented the style and swagger Knucks would bring to the scene. Inspired by the 1960’s classic Breakfast At Tiffany’s, the self-titled track and its visuals were a breath of fresh air as a new sound arrived in the game. Knucks even produced the vibey offering himself!

21 Candles

Another self-produced anthem from the Kilburn star who dives deep into his pen-game to explain some hard truths on his 21st birthday. With such an array of wordplay and topics displayed on this single and being 21 at the time, this was a clear indication of what the future would hold for Knucks – Becoming one of the finest lyricists in the UK scene.

“Rice & Stew

Coming off his successful debut mixtape NRG 105, “Rice & Stew” was a standout and showcased Knucks’s ability to think outside the box with the concepts of his tracks! ‘Imagine bussing an ice-cream and seeing rice inside’; A perfect metaphor for everything not seeming as it looks to be, and this was the message throughout “Rice & Stew” as Knucks proves his worth in full effect!


Another cut from the NRG 105 project sees the art of storytelling in full swing, with Knucks bringing us one of his most notable tracks to date. “Home” paints a picture of London’s knife crime problem, as we’re introduced to the track with the statistic of London’s death rate by knife crime. An eye opener to the scene as Knucks speaks on the temptations that brings an individual outside of the house and what disastrous paths it can lead to. A must-listen and definitely an essential Knucks track.

Fxcked Up” (Feat. Sam Wise)

Linking up with another future star, “Fxcked Up” was a warning that Knucks and Sam Wise are certainly here to stay. The track is Taken off his second mixtape London Class, Knucks dives into his vocal bag to mix it up as we see his stock rise, becoming more of an established artist in the process. “Fxcked Up” brings lyrical content, melodies and entertaining visuals to accompany the head-bopping sound.

Daily Duppy

Coming in to share his sound with the GRM family, Knucks didn’t disappoint with his Daily Duppy debut as fans called for a part two! The Daily Duppy was the perfect destination for Knucks to land his punchlines, as he speaks on topical subjects as well as having some clean-hearted fun with the beat! Interchanging between skippy flows and slowing it down for his wordplay to be heard, part one and two of the freestyle are most definitely essential listens.

Skiifall – “Ting Tun Up Part II” (Feat. Knucks)

With his sound now crossing the waters, featuring on the up-and-coming Canadian star Skiifall’s “Ting Tun Up” was a big move for Knucks. His artistry had finally been noticed globally and being called up for a track which received such a buzz at the time, was only right. Knucks did the feature justice, giving the remix its gritty, London feel, proving he can be called upon by anyone for a feature!

“Los Pollos Hermanos”

The song shares its name with the fast food chain owned by the infamous drug lord Gustavo Fring, of Breaking Bad; and more recently Better Call Saul notoriety. The only crime Knucks commits is allowing the song to be under two minutes in length. The classy visuals, bode perfectly well with Knucks’ smooth lyrical waxing. Eagle eyed fans will have picked up on this quietly shooting to the top of Knucks most streamed songs on Spotify.

“Nice & Good” (Feat. SL)

The final essential track from Knucks was a clean hit from the moment of its release, as he calls upon SL for the sophisticated “Nice & Good”. This single which comes off the upcoming Alpha Place, once again proves Knucks can compete with them all, even in a back-to-back setting, as he and SL compliment each other with opposite flows being brought to the forefront. Whilst the majority of the visual content come in black and white effect, both artists bring their sound to life as Knucks gears us up for his exciting new project.

We hope you enjoyed these essential offerings and be sure to listen to Knucks’s debut album Alpha Place out on May the 6th!